Anorexia Nervosa: 6 Other Health Problems It Puts You at Risk For

Anorexia Nervosa: 6 Other Health Problems It Puts You at Risk For

Bulimia Anorexia Nervosa: 6 Other Health Problems It Puts You at Risk For

Anorexia is a very serious disorder all on its own, but did you know that the effects it brings can put you at risk for other serious health conditions? If you didn’t, don’t worry- that’s why we are here! Read on to educate yourself on everything else you may have to worry about if you are anorexic.

Number Six: Anorexia and Anxiety

Engaging in anorexia causes hormonal imbalances, which are likely to result in extreme anxiety. These changes in brain chemistry have been known to induce nervousness, paranoia, and even extreme levels of irrational fear. Conversely, anxiety can cause the onset of an eating disorder when affected persons are seeking an aspect of their life they can control- such as food portions.

Number Five: Immune Deficiencies

When the body is devoid of nutrients, the metabolism will be altered permanently. A normal, healthy stomach is teeming with microbial diversity that is necessary for healthy weight loss and proper digestion. When a sample group of both people with anorexia and those who have been cured of it was tested for microbial diversity, it was significantly lower than a healthy person’s. Therefore, it is assumed that those affected will never have quite the same metabolism ever again.

Number Four: Amenorrhea

You may have heard of this already, because this is one of the most common health complications associated with anorexia. Amenorrhea is categorized by the absence of menstruation in women who would normally be at the peak of their fertility. If the female body encounters this issue during the early stages of puberty, it can lead to a handful or problems later in life including pre-menopause, infertility, and pregnancy complications.

Number Three: Osteoporosis

The effects of anorexia alter the body and brain chemistry in a way that cannot be fully reversed. A common result of eating disorders is osteoporosis in old age, especially for those who started at a young age when their bodies were still in the process of growing. Because the body was not supplied with sufficient nutrients to form healthy bones, they will never be as strong as they could have been.

Number Two: Depression

The onset of anorexia and depression are often associated with one another. In the modern day, poor self-image is often a cause of both. So, if poor self-image causes you to be depressed, it will likely cause you to want to go to extreme measures to do something about it. Additionally, people who are not prone to depression may induce its onset from a lack of nutrition. Depriving the body of nutrients largely affects brain chemistry and mood, which can have fatal consequences.

Number One: Bulimia

If you have already decided to have one eating disorder, chances are that you won’t hold yourself back from another. If a person with this disorder feels that they aren’t losing a satisfactory amount of weight, it is very common to try both. Some claim that the two go hand in hand in more than half of affected persons. However, this will only increase the detrimental effect the disorders will have on your body. We hope you enjoyed our list of the six other health problems anorexia puts you at risk for!

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