AOA: 'Heart Attack' Music Video Review

AOA: ‘Heart Attack’ Music Video Review

AOA: 'Heart Attack' Music Video Review

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Korean girl group AOA, charms with their third mini album Heart Attack, starting the venture with the lacrosse inspire “Heart Attack” as the lead track. AOA shows that women have the strength to play in the world of lacrosse while still being girly by bringing their own brand of sexy and cute to the sport.

AOA begins by playing a one-sided match against the guest male lacrosse team, displaying a lack of skill in lacrosse. AOA Choa tumbles during the match; when a member of the male team extends a helping hand, when she falls in love with him. After the match Choa, and the women’s lacrosse team will experience a change in fate; when a new girl transfers into school. As the new girl Seolhyun steals the attention of the male lead is drawn away from Choa, but AOA Seolhyun is more invested in improving the female lacrosse team.

Six different scenes that imitate school settings that is reminiscent of a private boarding school is utilized for the video. The six scenes are a classroom, lunch hall, gymnasium, football field, locker room and bleachers. The classroom and lunch hall are used exclusively to further along the plot-line, with the both Seolhyun being introduced at the beginning and Choa staring doe eyed at the male lead while the male lead is staring at Seolhyun. The lunch hall scene is used to introduce the new and improved female lacrosse team. While Choa makes a fool when she waves at the male lead; who she think is waving her, but is actually waving at someone behind her.

Football field scene is used for both the lacrosse matches and showcasing the groups choreograph. The two matches greatly differ with the first in favor of the male team, while the second is more equal in terms of powers; as the female team improved their skills. Resulting in the female team winning the match; while Choa achieves her goal of obtaining the male leads attention… The gymnasium and bleachers showcases more of the group dance choreograph, in addition to being used for the individual shots of the groups members that area requirement for Korean music videos.

Song lyrics “totally understand how people fall in love / at first sight – Now I know, /
the first time I saw you” and “I’ve completely fallen for you / Your broad shoulders, your sharp eyes / Your soft voice / I’ve fallen for them /Just looking at your thin and long fingers / makes me tremble.” These translation highlight, the link between the song and video. The girls of AOA sing about being uncertain when falling in love for the first time. This uncertainty is clearly conveyed to the listener; by the heavy dance beat utilized by the song producer.

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