Apple: 10 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know

Apple: 10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

Apple: 10 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know
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Apple is one of those brands that is truly known worldwide. Their products are based out of the United States, mostly manufactured in Asia, and sold on every continent that human being inhabit (there is probably at least on iPhone somewhere on Antarctica, too). Despite their ubiquitous presence in societies all around the world, there are probably some facts you do not know about the company.

Number Ten: Apple Creates Over Half a Million Phones a Day

This number was accurate in 2013, but it could be even high in 2016. We’ll just have wait and see. But just for those who do not want to go and figure out the math for themselves, that equates to about 180 million phones in a given year. Pretty impressive numbers there.

Number Nine: Samsung Makes the Apple iPhone Retina

If you know anything about the way Apple does its manufacturing, you know that much of this work is outsourced to Asian countries – China in particular. But you might not know that some of their parts actually come from other companies, as well. Apparently any success that Apple has is also good new for Samsung, the South Korean electronic company that manufactures the iPhone retina.

Number Eight: There Was a Company Co-Founder Who Sold His Shares for $800

Obviously, this was back in the day before Apple was worth as nearly as much as it does now. It is undoubtedly this co-founder’s most expensive regret because those shares would be worth an unimaginable $35 billion now.

 Number Seven: Smoking Near an Apple Computer Voids its Warranty

This is a little-known fact, but a good one to know if you are ever trying to get your money back. The real question is: how does Apple find out the you were smoking near the computer? In any case, be safe and make the financially prudent decision: smoke outside.

Number Six: The iPhone Costs Twice as Much in Brazil

One might assume that Apple makes the vast majority of its money in the United States, but that might be changing. A Brazilian customer actually pays twice as much for an iPhone as an American one.

Number Five: The Average Apple Headquarters Employee Makes Over $100,000

Not too shabby, even if the numbers are probably inflated somewhat by the extravagant salaries of those at the very top of the corporate hierarchy. The average salary is $125,000, to be exact. But don’t let the workers who actually create the products themselves find out about that number.

Number Four: The Company Makes $300,000 Every Minute

This figure should help to explain the figure in number five. It also explains the dedication and focus on their products that their CEOs have always had – at $300,00 a minute, you probably want to ensure that as many of the products you’re selling as possible are of the highest quality and keep customers coming back.

Three: If You Created an iPhone Out of Parts in 1991, It Would Cost You $3.5 Million

Yes, that is the total cost for a single iPhone in 1991. Of course, the iPhone did not exist, and neither did the technology or the manufacturing resources to create the product. Just goes to show you how far the company has come in terms of innovation and influence.

Number Two: Everything Said to Siri Is Analyzed and Stored

Feeling a little less comfortable talking to that robot in your pocket now? Apple actually has a database for collecting, storing and analyzing all of the words and phrases uttered to the monotone little robot lady in your phone.

 Number One: The First Japanese iPhone Six Customer Started Waiting in Line Over a Half a Year Early

When the iPhone 6 release date was announced in Japan, the first Japanese customer began waiting for it pretty early. He got in line seven months before the phone would come out. That’s just madness. Thanks for reading our list of 10 facts you probably didn’t know about Apple!

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