Apple Watch: 15 Facts You Didn't Know About Apple's Smartwatch

Apple Watch: 15 Facts You Didn’t Know About Apple’s Smartwatch

Apple Watch: 15 Facts You Didn't Know About Apple's Smartwatch

The Apple Watch is one of Apple’s latest releases, and it’s garnered a lot of buzz. Some people love it, and some people think it needs a good amount of changes. Here are some facts about the device that many people don’t know.

Number Fifteen: The Gold Used in Them is Super Tough

The gold that is used in the Apple Watch is tougher than regular gold. It’s much better at resisting scratches, so you won’t have to worry with being too delicate with the device.

Number Fourteen: It’s Hand Polished

In this world, it’s hard to imagine anything that has been touched by the human hand anymore, but such is the case for the Apple Watch. Each and every one is polished by an individual to give it a unique shine.

Number Thirteen: Apple Watch Wont Be Available Worldwide Anytime Soon

When the watch was released, people knew that it was only going to be available in some countries (including the US, Australia, Canada, China, etc.), and people were rallying in the hope that this would change. Recently, the company has stated that it will not.

Number Twelve: Daniel Will Harris Had a Say About It

The Apple Watch didn’t do well with sales, which is one of the reasons why Daniel Will Harris thinks that those that did buy the watch should be given a free upgrade. “It’s the least Apple could do,” said the watch designer in an interview.

Number Eleven: It’s Perfect for Hotel Goers

People who often frequent hotels will find the Apple Watch especially useful. The SPG app, anyone can easily check in and out of your hotel. People can even open their hotel door with it!

Number Ten: There’s a Secret Way to Put it to Sleep

Most people don’t know that you can put the Apple Watch to sleep quite easily while wearing the device. All you need to do is cover the face of it with your palm. It’s really that easy.

Number Nine: If It Has an NFC Chip, You Can Pay With It

Only the watches that have the NFC chip will be able to be used to pay using Apple Pay. This is a feature that works the best for people who use the service regularly, of course.

Number Eight: You Can Use It For Security

People who own the Apple Watch can easily make their home even more secure by using it to view security camera footage. This is the kind of flexibility many homeowners don’t get to have.

Number Seven: It Has a Secret Sensor That Can Be Used by Diabetics

Everyone knows that heart rate monitors need sensors to tell your heartbeat, but the Apple Watch uses a different sort of technology that expands on that basic function. It also records blood information that diabetics can use to test their blood sugar, which is super cool.

Number Six: You Can Time Travel With the Apple Watch

By using the watch’s forward function, user’s can travel forward in time and get information about the future, including weather information, schedules, and more. Impressive!

Number Five: You Can Press On The Screen for More Options

Many people expect to access a limitless number of actions with a touch screen in general, but most people don’t expect the screen to act as a button all on its own. By forcing the screen down, you can access the watch’s option screen.

Number Four: Special Settings for Lefties

Often, left-handed people feel left out in the world. Scissors, desks, and doors make life sort of hard sometimes. But with Apple Watch, things are different. One can simply change it’s orientation, and it’s really simple to do on the watch.

Number Three: You Can Actually Switch Between Apps

Many people complained that switching in between apps on the watch was difficult/impossible, but it’s not really, not after you learn this trick. All people need to do to switch between apps is to double click the digital crown.

Number Two: It’s More Waterproof Than Advertised

Apple advertised its watch as being pretty water resistant, but it passes more tests than one may realize. It can survive being in the shower and dunked in water for 5 minutes, and still works just fine, as it turns out.

Number One: If The Bands Are Scratched, It’s Too Bad

If the band you get for the watch has any minimal scratches on it, Apple won’t  accept returns or exchanges on it. As one can imagine, that has upset a bunch of people, but people who own it still love the product. Thanks for reading!

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