Apple Watch 2: Top 8 Things You Need to Know

Apple Watch 2: Top 8 Things You Need to Know

Apple Watch 2: Top 8 Things You Need to Know

The Apple Watch 2 has been getting a lot of buzz lately. However, it’s unclear what’s a rumor and what’s factual. Here, we present eight definitely facts about the smartwatch that everyone should know. Check the list out for yourself below!

Number Eight: Potential Free Upgrade for Apple Watch Owners

Because the first-gen Apple Watch was released about a year ago, it seems ridiculous for Apple to make consumers buy the Apple Watch 2 at full price and pawn off their first-gen smartwatches on relatives or Craigslist. Some people believe that current Apple Watch owners will receive a free upgrade, which would be very convenient – especially considering the next point.

Number Seven: A $1,000+ Price Point

The second generation of the smartwatch will almost certainly cost at least $1,000. This is because the smartwatch will incorporate new materials such as titanium, palladium, platinum, and tungsten.

Number Six: Native Apps Or Not

It’s quite likely that the new iteration of the watch will include native apps – something the current Apple Watch does not offer. WatchOS 2 offers native apps, so it would only be a natural progression for the next watch to include native apps as well.

Number Five: The GPS Debate

Many people have demanded that the new smartwatch include a GPS in order to avoid having to calibrate it through the iPhone’s GPS. However, because the smartwatch will probably focus on minimizing its dependence on the iPhone, it most likely won’t include a GPS. What it will include, however, is a Wi-Fi chip that can track Apple Watch devices using Wi-Fi router triangulation.

Number Four: Waterproofing on Apple Watch 2

One of the scariest and most inconvenient features of the current Apple Watch is that it isn’t waterproof beyond depths of one meter. Because the watch is on your body all the time – presumably around things like sinks and showers – it would only make sense for the next-gen smartwatch to be wearable everywhere, including on boats and in the ocean.

Number Three: FaceTime Possibilities

Many people are excited about the possibility that the Apple Watch 2 will have a front-facing camera and will allow users to FaceTime directly from the watch. While this capability might not actually be developed in time for the second-generation watch, it will almost certainly be featured on a future generation of the smartwatch. What has been confirmed is that Apple is very excited about the possibility of FaceTiming from your wrist, so it’s a point of focus if nothing else.

Number Two: Care Event Detection

A recent patent application was released titled “Care Event Detection and Alerts” that involves technology allowing users to call for urgent care when they are in need of medical assistance. This technology will very likely be included in the next generation of the Apple Watch.

Number One: It’s Coming in 2016, But We’re Not Sure When

While many people believe the Apple Watch 2 will be released on March 21, other sources are reporting that it will be released in Q2 or Q3 of 2016. A later release would give Apple more time to improve the current technology for the smartwatch and incentivize current watch owners to buy the next generation, while a spring release would logically follow the fact that they released the first one this time last year. What’s clear is that the Apple Watch 2 will be released sometime in 2016. Thanks for reading!

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