Are These The Best 5 Food Processors For Your Kitchen?

Are These The Best 5 Food Processors For Your Kitchen?

Are These The Best 5 Food Processors For Your Kitchen?
hemeroskopion / 123RF Stock
hemeroskopion / 123RF Stock

hemeroskopion / 123RF Stock

Food processors can be a godsend if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. While you still have to weigh out the food, you can save yourself hours of chopping, slicing, grating, slicing and blending. Although there are many best food processor reviews out there, we sincerely think these ones highlighted below should be on your shopping list.

Hot Point HD Line

Comes with a bowl and jug blender, along with attachments for shredding, kneading, chopping, beatings and blending. Slicing are not even but it’s excellent at everything else.

Cuisinsart 3.3l Food Processor

You could get the smaller version of this and save twenty quid, but the three interlocking bowls use the small 1.1 litre for dips and dressings, the 2.6 for slicing and grating, and the 3.3 for kneading an large quantities make this super- versatile one.

Zyliss Easy Pull

If you don’t want to splash out on an electronic processor, this manual one is a great buy. It’s a doddle to use, clean and store away and the patented blade system enables you to carefully control how you chop. Despite being manual, it cuts through tough foods including frozen fruit.

Kenwood FPM910 Multipro Excel Food Processor

Kenwood have been making food processors since 1979 and it shows: this is one of the largest, most comprehensive models around. From the wide chute that fits a whole onion and built in weighing scales, it excels at pretty much everything and is basically like having your very own sous-chef.

Magimix Cuisine System 5200xl

Mother of food processors from the makers of the UK’s first, this is a great choice if you’re a bit of a home Heston. It comes with 13 accessories including three different size bowls, an egg whisk and a citrus press, work quickly and quietly and the 3.6 litre capacity is more than enough.

Vonshef 2.5L

This is a robust and powerful machine, which chops, mixes, slices and shreds like a dream, with easily enough space for all your ingredients. It’s tough enough to cut through almost anything including frozen raw meat and has 10 variable speeds.

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