Ari Nicole - Runaway (Official Music Video)

Ari Nicole – Runaway

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It’s a picture-perfect setting, where a couple is madly in love and appreciate each other’s company. But not for long. The soothing instrumentals quickly change to an upbeat tempo. A year later, the couple has split and singer Ari Nicole has a lot on her mind she would like to say in “Runaway.” Ari Nicole struts down an empty street wearing a cheetah-print dress and sexy black heels. In this hip-hop ballad, Miss Nicole tells it like it is: “You don’t want it baby / You can’t handle this game, boy / You don’t want it baby / Pack up and runaway boy.” A broken heart surely can’t keep this fierce woman down as she’s found someone else. The song is reminiscent of Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable.” “Runaway” is a track that gives the listener a sense of confidence should he or she be beaten down by a broken heart. Keep this song in mind, don’t let anyone bring you down, and remember: you’re not a toy.

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Music Video by Ari Nicole
Runaway (Official) © 2015 E & E Music Group
Directed by Ari Nicole and Wrab Mell
Produced by E & E Music Group
Executive Producer and Creative Director – Ari Nicole
Editor and Director Of Photography – Wrab Mell


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