Ariana Grande ft. The Weeknd: 'Love Me Harder' Music Video Review

Ariana Grande ft. The Weeknd: ‘Love Me Harder’ Music Video Review

Ariana Grande ft. The Weeknd: ‘Love Me Harder’ Music Video Review

Ariana Grande is today’s diva to beat with hits coming one after another. “Love Me Harder,” Ariana’s latest single, proves that the girl has pipes to support her success. She even proves that she works well in collaborations, a trait that cemented the fame of other female superstars in the industry. In the video, Ariana is all diva in as she elaborates the video with her sexual innuendos.

The song is a dark and edgy version of Ariana Grande. It has the maturity needed for the singer’s transition to becoming an exquisite songstress. However, the accompanying music video does not do anything at all. It only features Ariana doing sexy moves probably waiting for her man to satisfy her desires. All throughout the video, Ariana was only portrayed with yearning for someone to bring her pleasure. It was given, though, in the end of the video, as she and The Weeknd eventually found each other.

While the song is an excellent addition to Ariana’s roster of hits, the video did not live to the strength of the song. Videos capitalizing on nothing but a woman’s body would never be canonized in music video history. While eagerness and longing for love are the main themes of the video, it did not show enough passion from Ariana to embody the concept. Longing and eagerness are fundamental themes; however, these also require a great amount of conviction.

All the video provides is Ariana’s sexiness that could have been better portrayed if embellished with enough class. Ariana is still in her early diva years. However, her potential to reach the zenith of music is undeniable. Probably, what she needs is a diva education from all the other class acts that came before her. Her voice is often compared to that of Mariah Carey; thus, she may also want to learn from Mariah’s elegance and class especially in her portrayals in music videos. With Ariana’s status now, she could easily define the new trend of music videos of her generation.

Meanwhile, “Love Me Harder” is reminiscent of Christina Aguilera and Ricky Martin’s “Nobody Wants To Be Lonely” music video. Both themes tackle the need for love only “Love Me Harder” is darker and “Nobody Wants To Be Lonely” is more transparent in its emotions. The main difference between the two videos, however, is the believability among the artists involved. It goes to show that the audience must feel so that they believe.

It is still certain, nevertheless, that Ariana Grande is today’s diva. She just needs to invest more on class and passion rather than sexual projections in her works. Having said all these, it is interesting to wait for Ariana’s next videos, as it is thrilling to see where she will go from here.

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