Why Ariana Grande is More than Just a Diva

Why Ariana Grande is More than Just a Diva


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Ariana Grande looks incredibly young, yet her talent is immensely insane. She sings really well on record, as well as live. This trait is rare nowadays, as most pop stars rely on autotune for their records; thus, they find it difficult to sing their own songs live. In addition, Ariana distances herself from other singers who merely sell sex by proving that she really has talent. She may not yet be at her peak now, but she is definitely on her way to discovering the superstar that she is destined to be.

While rumors on her alleged attitude problems persist, Ariana continues to impress everyone by proving that she is a hit maker. This one here is a demonstration of how people have fallen in love not only with her personality, but also on the talent of the singer. If we go back to music history, most of the superstar divas today were criticized for their behavior at one point in their careers. For one, Christina Aguilera, in her younger years, has always been labeled as an ice queen for her seemingly detached nature. Mariah Carey’s working relationships with fellow artists have been questioned. Madonna, the queen of them all, upheld that her attitude is not tantamount to her contributions in the music industry. The singers mentioned, however, has proven themselves worthy of their success. None of them failed to produce stellar records. Albeit their sales decline once in a while, their influence remained forces to be reckoned with.

Now, for Ariana, she should be able to transcend her talent to a broader spectrum. Like all the great divas that came before her, she must be able to show that she is more than just a fad that will soon fade away. She must be able to touch the lives of many people, and eventually influence them to become better individuals. Furthermore, she must have a trademark song that will last for the decades to come. Although her sexualized image is understandable, Ariana must demonstrate her strengths other than her sexuality. In all fairness to her, she is already proving her star quality by providing great music. Her debut record Yours Truly is good, but she proved she could still top her previous effort. Her My Everything is a solid attestation of the potential longevity of Ariana in this tricky industry.

All in all, Ariana Grande is placing herself in a grand pedestal already. She works well in collaborations, and her solo efforts are also stellar. Now, the greatest challenge for Ariana is to come up with more remarkable videos that will catapult her as one of the icons in the music video generation. She must also be able to collaborate with bigger names in the industry. 

Ariana may still be enjoying her youth now, but in her next record, she must be able to come up with a more personalized approach to her career. This way, her relatability as an artist will not fade away. As early as now, Ariana is propelling her status as more than just a diva, but a true artist of her own league. Her voice can support the claim all the way. Her recent performances can also sustain it.  Presently, she is on her strategic path to becoming one of music’s most important discoveries. So, keep the criticism coming, as Ariana’s responses to them may just boost even further her capacity to let her star gleam despite adversities. 

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