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Ariana Grande and Zedd Collaborate on Single “Break Free”

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Ariana Grande and Zedd are collaborating on Ariana’s new singleBreak Free”. Counting down on her Twitter page, Ariana regularly notes that the days are dwindling until the single will drop on July 2nd. In the meantime, she has been uploading pictures to her Instgram and Twitter pages, hinting that the new single will have an intergalactic space theme. Grande has also recently worked with Australian artist, Iggy Azalea on her last single, “Problem”, which is number two on Billboard’s Hot 100 at the moment, and holds the title of official summer anthem.

Which makes it a perfect time for her to release another hit. “My whole team is like, ‘Oh, it’s too early to pick a new single,’ but I’m really… I love that song so much,” Grande has said to KIIS FM. This past weekend, the pop/R&B vocalist announced on Twitter, dressed up like Jane Fonda in a sexy ‘60’s “Barbarella” style that her next single will be “Break Free”, produced by “Clarity” and “Spectrum” architect Zedd.

So how did this blessed collaboration come to fruition? Apparently, while Zedd was backstage at a label showcase, he overheard a female performing, and casually mentioned to his team that he wanted to work with whoever belonged to the voice he was hearing. Turns out, the magnificent voice was Grande’s, and a month later, producer and singer randomly got connected and made the follow-up to “Problem”. Zedd told Billboard that Grande’s voice, “is super recognizable, it has a unique texture, …really, that’s all I’m looking for in a singer, is to have a voice that is really special and different from other voices you hear every day.”

“Break Free” will be Grande’s fourth major collaboration for this year, after working with Mac Miller and Big Sean on her debut albumYours Truly”, as well as Justin Bieber. She has more plans to record with The Weeknd and Chris Brown coming up soon as well! Her Twitter has also suggested at another countdown, for what, we don’t yet know. Perhaps it could be her next album already? To be released just as the summer ends and just in time to add to your back-to-school playlist? Keep your fingers crossed!

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