Atome Primitif - Silver House (Official Music Video)

Atome Primitif – Silver House

Atome Primitif’s video for their song “Silver House” is a simple animated short set primarily in black and white. The video opens to a girl staring out her room window on a rainy day. Outside, we can see the drops of rain fall onto the objects in her yard; a neglected guitar and a broken-down car.  The minimalist, washed-out aesthetic of these illustrations compliment the lilting nature of the song masterfully, and the video is characterized by subtle transitions that mirror its melody. Suddenly, the video cuts to scenes of this girl submerged in dark water, and the car and guitar — which we’re left to assume are sentimental to her — sink right along with her. Accents of red are introduced and then riddled throughout as the song evolves into something much more climactic. The final scene pans out dramatically, shrouding our view of the girl’s house as it recedes in the distance.

Creative Direction: Gianluca Folì
Story: Gianluca Folì, Davide Ragona
Motion Design & Editing: Davide Ragona
Artworks & Animation: Gianluca Folì
Art Direction: Davide Saraceno
Music: Silver House by Atome Primitif (Three Years Three Days, 2011)


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