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AURORA Drops New Video for “Queendom” Ahead of Anticipated New Album

AURORA Drops New Video for “Queendom” Ahead of Anticipated New Album

Norwegian songstress AURORA returns with a highly-anticipated new album, Queendom. The follow-up to her critically acclaimed album, All My Demons Greeting Me as Friends will be released this summer. AURORA has dropped the first single and video from the new album, “Queendom.” AURORA’s new track is danceable and light, but still contains the kind of lyrics which won her legions of fans, who call themselves her Warriors and Weirdos.
Queendom opens with the lyrics

The underdogs are my lions
The silent ones are my choir
The women will be my soldiers
With the weight of life on their shoulders

With that, AURORA fancies herself as a kind of real world Daenerys Targaryen. “The sea waves are my evening gown / And the sun on my head is my crown / I made this queendom on my own / And all the mountains are my throne.”
AURORA told NME that the new album represents an important message. “The world has a lot of good and bad in it, but as I say in the first verse of ‘Queendom’, ‘the underdogs are my lions, the silent ones are choir – the women will be my soldiers, the weight of life on their shoulders’.
“But it’s also for men, the planets and everything. It’s a very important start of my new chapter.”
The new video celebrates the differences between all people, women, children, animals and more. AURORA wants to champion the underdogs and introverts, giving them a safe place to be seen.

AURORA garnered millions of YouTube views and millions of fans after her 2015 debut album. She also had a hit in the UK with a cover of “Half The World Away,” a cover of the Oasis song, which was released on the John Lewis Christmas advert. Her cover of David Bowie’s “Life On Mars” also became a favorite. The song appeared on the HBO show Girls.

AURORA raised anticipation for her album with a blistering fantasy performance at Coachella, where she was described as the love child of Bjork and Florence. She had previously been called the love child of Bjork and Grimes. What these comparisons are striving toward is how to describe the stylings of an ethereal electro-pop nymph whose song “Running With the Wolves” sounded like Bjork borrowing Florence and the Machine.

AURORA first garnered attention back in 2012 when she uploaded a Christmas gift-song to her parents. It immediately captured the attention of record executives, despite AURORA’s youth and reluctance to perform. Her first album was a smash hit on Spotify, accumulating over 50 million hits. Her songs have drawn some unusual fans, such as Jaden Smith (who called her style “cosmic conscious”) to Katy Perry (who said AURORA’s voice made her heart go “a-flutter”). The praise is a surprise to the Norwegian songwriter, who described her songs as being for “the scars we get.”

AURORA is the nom-de-plume of Aurora Aksnes. She started playing piano at age six and enjoys both classical and heavy metal. She became an inadvertent style icon by adopting a partially-shaved bob in an attempt to get her “wild Viking hair” under control. At just age 21, AURORA has an entire musical history to forge.

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