Autism: 6 Struggles You Didn't Know Autistic People Face

Autism: 6 Struggles You Didn’t Know Autistic People Face

Autism: 6 Struggles You Didn't Know Autistic People Face

Autism is a disorder that is fairly common. The spectrum is quite wide, ranging from mild social-processing effects to full-on difficulty functioning in day-to-day life. In order to get a better understanding of this disorder, here are some struggles you didn’t realize autistic people go through.

Number Six: Higher Rates of Divorced Parents

Having an autistic child can be a stressful situation. Most parents of children with this disorder rate their stress levels as much higher than that of the average parent. This leads to higher incidents of divorce, which can be confusing and saddening for an autistic person growing up.

Number Five: Trouble Coping with Changing Routines

Life is unpredictable, and routines are very necessary when it comes to severely autistic people and children. Mixing up a routine can bring a lot of confusion to them and be upsetting.

Number Four: Senses can be Overwhelming

Sometimes the lights are too much, sometimes the smells are too strong, sometimes loud noises seem like they’ll never stop. All of these can lead to intense distress in an autistic person.

Number Three: People Assume They Can Speak for You About Autism

Some autistic people feel as though there is always someone wanting to speak for them. These people are probably just trying to help, but they seem to put a lot of time and effort and money into getting others to believe that autism is tragic and something that all families of autistic people “suffer from”, when this may not be the case for everyone.

Number Two: Overstimulation Makes It Hard to Speak

When they find themselves in a situation where their senses are overloaded, it’s not always easy to react or explain what’s going on. This overstimulation could make speech functions difficult or impossible.

Number One: Their Brains May Move Faster than Their Mouths Can

Some autistic people describe the phenomenon of feeling as though their brain moves much quicker than their mouth, meaning that it’s hard to accurately describe thoughts to other people. We hope that this article brought you some new insight and facts that you were not previously aware of.

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