Autism: 8 Celebrities with Autistic Children

Autism: 8 Celebrities with Autistic Children

Autism: 8 Celebrities with Autistic Children
Holly Robinson Peete /
Holly Robinson Peete /

Holly Robinson Peete /

Autism is more common than you think. In fact, it exists, on all parts of the spectrum, all around us. In just the past few years, professionals estimated that 1 in 88 children were diagnosted as autistic. Some even suppose that the number is as high as 1 in 50! Famous people are no different than the rest of us, and that includes children with disabilities. Here are ten famous people you didn’t know had autistic children.

Number Eight: Tommy Hilfiger

This famous man has a lot of experience caring for people with autism. This is because both of Tommy Hilfiger’s kids are on the spectrum. In order to honor his kids, and he and his wife provide a lot of support to the community of people going through similar problems.

Number Seven: Gary Cole

Gary Cole has a daughter named Mary. She was diagnosed at the early age of 2 with autism. He and his wife are very vocal about their strong beliefs in the importance of noticing symptoms in kids early on in life. This helps people to find the best treatment options.

Number Six: Holly Robinson Peete

Holly Robinson Peete and her spouse, Rodney Peete, began a program titled the HollyRod Foundation. This happened after their son was diagnosed with this issue.

Number Five: Jacqueline Laurita

This star has been very honest and vocal about her son’s journey through the disorder. She has gone on to be a strong voice in the community which provides support for other parents dealing with children with disabilities.

Number Four: Joe Mantegna

Joe Mantegna’s daughter was born prematurely, weighing only an astounding two pounds. When she was a few years old, the parents noticed her speech and attention seemed deficient and she was later officially diagnosed with the disorder.

Number Three: Ed Asner

Ed Asner is a huge supporter of Autism Speaks. This is because his grandchild, Will, has been diagnosed with the disability. This has inspired him to try to help others who have it.

Number Two: Doug Flutie

Douglas Flutie is a former NFL quarterback. His child, bamed Doug Flutie Jr was diagnosed with this disorder as a toddler.

Number One: Aidan Quinn’s Daughter has Autism

Aidan Quinn’s daughter has the disorder, and he believes it was caused by a vaccine she recieved. Thanks for reading our list.

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