Avon: 9 Amazing Facts About the Beauty Company

Avon: 9 Amazing Facts About the Beauty Company

Avon: 9 Amazing Facts About the Beauty Company
Avon: 9 Amazing Facts About the Beauty Company


Avon has been around for over a century and continues to be at the front line of the beauty market. Since the company emerged in the 19th century, the company has only expanded and profited. You may have never thought that the highest quality and most efficient beauty solutions come from a brochure, but these facts will sure convince you! Whether you’re an Avon fanatic or just discovering, these facts are sure to interest you!

Number Nine: Starting Small

The Avon company emerged as early as 1886, as a small shop run by a man named David McConnell. Called The California Perfume Company, they stocked only a small selection of makeup and five perfume options. The name changed in 1929 and has since transformed into a “sisterhood” (ironically).

Number Eight: Driven by a Cause

In a time where women were still oppressed, Avon gave women a way to create a business for themselves. Through Avon, women were becoming their own bosses and earning an income more than 40 years prior to British women being given the right to vote.

Number Seven: Adhering to Modern Times

Just like any other booming company in the modern day, Avon’s beauty selection has hit the internet. After a century of using the traditional brochures the company was famous for, women were given the ability to sell the products from anywhere in the world. With this modern transition, sales were bigger than ever.

Number Six: Celebrity Scents

Of all beauty products, Avon is most renowned for its perfume selection. Many celebrities have created perfume lines with the brand, including Maria Sharapova, Reese Witherspoon, and most notably Fergie. Fergie’s scent, named Outspoken, sold roughly 55 bottles an hour when it hit the market. To this day, it remains the company’s best-selling fragrance.

Number Five: Avon’s Original Scent

Another of Avon’s most famous scents is the Little Dot fragrance. This particular scent is the company’s oldest and has been sold by the company since it was The California Perfume Company in 1886. It was re-launched to pay homage to the company’s roots for their 125th anniversary.

Number Four: Massive Sales

This company has become a massive leader in beauty retail and brings in a sum of over $11 billion internationally each year. They claim that based on their sales, an average of four tubes of lipstick and two mascaras are sold every second that passes. They have even ranked on the Fortune 500 list every single year since the list was first published.

Number Three: Supporting Women’s Rights

Since the small business transformed into a global success, the company has used its success to promote women’s rights. As the company’s original concern from the beginning, they have devoted considerable effort to supporting women’s issues all around the world. They have devoted over $800 million to their various charities and have given a considerable portion to gender violence causes and breast cancer research.

Number Two: They’re Green, Too

Avon creates a great line of products, and they do it by environmentally-friendly means. In 2013, they were awarded the title of Best Global Green Brand. Now, you can feel good about wearing your eyeliner.

Number One: The Efforts for Your Makeup

A lot is happening down in the Avon science labs, and it takes a lot of time and work to make it to your face. Throughout the process of creating an efficient product, over 200 scientists have worked on the technology. We hope you enjoyed our nine amazing facts about Avon!

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