Avril Lavigne: 'Fly' Music Video Review

Avril Lavigne: ‘Fly’ Music Video Review



Pop’s most rocking princess Avril Lavigne has had a rough year filled with medical treatments for Lyme Disease, but that hasn’t stopped the musician from pursuing her passion in the recording studio. The “Skater Boy” songstress has opened up about her recovery process, explaining her healing process and a new perspective that she has gained from the experience. Instead of blaming her illness, Lavigne has instead maintained her positivity and focused on how to change her life for the better. With a new set of priorities that focus on “health, family, love and happiness” the musician has returned stronger than ever.

After taking some time off to heal, Lavigne hit the scene in 2015 with a wickedly good music video for “Give You What You Like.” The witchy visual was a sign that the musician was ready to return to the public eye, but her most current single is what everyone is talking about now. This time around Avril Lavigne has teamed up with the Special Olympics for the release of her empowerment anthem “Fly,” and it is an even more stunning delivery.

“Fly’s” message is an undoubtedly uplifting one, as the musician promises that everyone deserves the chance to soar. “We were all meant to fly / spread your wings across the universe / its your time to shine” Lavigne earnestly declares on the song’s moving chorus. Production on “Fly” is simple and ethereal. The track starts off with a piano line before a soaring string rises up in support. As the song moves into the chorus the instrumentation picks up, rising beautifully as Lavigne’s vocals soar over top.

The song is an endearing and honest offering from Lavigne. Her vocals are sweet, encouraging,  and filled with warmth and joy as she welcomes everyone to shine. The overwhelming message is positive, and it is delivered to all of humanity, reminding us that we all deserve the right to feel special and achieve great things.

For the accompanying music video, Lavigne teamed up with athletes from the Special Olympics, and the result is a soaring and emotional tribute to hard work, teamwork, and dedication. This isn’t your typical pop music video with a story, costume changes, and a hair tossing dance break on the bridge. Instead, this is a tale of personal successes that glorifies hard work and joy.

In the video, a variety of athletes can be seen preparing for their event, competing, and overcoming the odds to excel. The most important message from the video is the importance of teamwork to facilitate the moment of flying. Athletes help one another up as they fall, they embrace after the event, and everyone smiles. There is a joy in competing and winning, but there is even more joy in witnessing everyone shine in their own ways.

Avril Lavigne makes appearances over the course of the video, as she represents her own success story. After overcoming her near death experience with Lyme Disease, she can be seen in the recording studio singing into a skull emblazoned pink microphone—she is our original pop rock princess after all. It is a glorious moment to see her return to her passion and work after the difficulties of the past year. As the song progresses Lavigne becomes a cheering spectator and appears alongside the Special Olympics athletes. Her appearance at the events only increases the overwhelming message that teamwork is important for humanity to succeed. Together we are all capable of flying, and Avril proved just that with the “Fly” music video.

“Fly” and its accompanying music video are simple but straightforward with its message; both show that we are all capable of achieving our dreams and that everyone deserves the opportunity to shine. There is a sense of purity in Lavigne’s delivery, as well as an overwhelming message that inspires a sense of camaraderie and lifting one another higher than we are capable of achieving on our own. Sales of “Fly” were donated to the Special Olympics in preparation for the 2015 games, which were held in Los Angeles between July 25th and August 2nd.

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