Awill - Journey (Official Music Video)

Awill – Journey

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Awill’s music video for the single “Journey” is simple, but bold. Shot mainly in black and white, it opens to Awill sitting on a bench in a dark room, bobbing his head as the calming track begins. He spits his verses nonchalantly as he’s filmed from strange angles standing in the middle of the room. The simplicity of the video leaves plenty of room for viewers to be “taken on a journey” with him. The barley lit room is haunting, and fits perfectly with the ambient repetition of the song.
In other scenes, Awill is standing alone in the forest, with a single light source focused on him. Many scenes are out of focus, and the few shots that are in color feature the leafless trees of winter, and the sky as the sun sets at twilight. At the videos conclusion, Awill wakes up in the back of a car to find that it was all just a dream.


Produced by Melodisinfonie

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