Azealia Banks Baits New Song 'Heavy Metal and Reflective'

Azealia Banks Baits New Song ‘Heavy Metal and Reflective’

Azealia Banks Baits New Song 'Heavy Metal and Reflective'Photo courtesy of 

Azealia Banks is teasing fans with news of her new single ‘Heavy Metal and Reflective’, announcing its release on July 29th. Banks clearly has no qualms with self promotion (or speaking her mind on anything for that matter) and has hyped her new album with glowing announcements on twitter like “Heavy Metal and Reflective is gonna make all you heads roll!!!!” and other promises that “the video is honestly [her] best this far!!!”. The rapper also shared what looks like a still from a new video. Since then Banks and dedicated fans alike have been posting countdowns for the new single.


Azealia Banks’s hype over a new album comes just 2 weeks after she walked away from her record deal at Universal. The move came after Banks asked to be dropped from the record label after enduring repeated push-backs of her album, which she threatened to leak at one point. She then promised fans a “fresh start”, and went as far to proclaim “I REALLY should have signed with Sony” earlier this year. Her upcoming debut album, ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ is still in the works, and there’s no release date set in stone yet. The 212 songstress is typically better known for temper tantrums and twitter spats with everyone from T.I. to Lily Allen nowadays. However, there’s no doubt that she’s an immensely talented rhymer. Her dexterity and attitude are part of the package, and it takes guts to put up the middle finger to a record label and say you’re going to do a solo album. She’s clearly not easy to work with-she’s since fired 6 managers and 10 PR reps- but her new album may have the power to restore belief in a long-term career for the mouthy female rapper. She still has the ability to draw crowds at festivals in Europe, Australia, Asia and the U.S., and has a distinctive sound (we can’t forget the phenomenal ‘212’ video that blew up last spring). Let’s hope she gets this album out before her penchant for mouthing off becomes more famous than her actual skill.

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