Banana Bread was Never this Exotic

Banana Bread was Never this Exotic

Pancakes: Top 10 Healthy Recipes You Need to Try
Pancakes: Top 10 Healthy Recipes You Need to Try

For all of you out there who love a banana bread slice, here is some good news. There is a whole new world of banana bread recipes that I have only recently discovered!

Sure, the regular banana loaf is tasty, but here are some mind-blowingly good recipes that are definitely worth a try.

Exotic Fruits that Can Work in a Banana Bread

There are hundreds of fruits dubbed exotic, and while the dragon fruit and chom chom are not what we would usually eat, there are those exotic fruits we are familiar with and consume them on a daily basis. This is why I have selected a number of tropical fruits that can easily work well, and even make the regular banana bread recipes better.


This tropical fruit will not only make your banana bread moister, but it will also make it healthier. Among other things avocados are proven to be a great aid for the cardiovascular system. This is due to them containing monounsaturated fatty acid, the oleic acid.


Either quartered or halved, cherries will definitely make your banana loaf not only tastier but also much more pleasing to the eye. And, if you thought cherries have no significant health benefits, you, my friends, were mistaken. They are great for regulation of the blood pressure, and are also nerve-calming and will help you fall asleep easier.


If you are looking for a new, fresher take on banana bread, then you should definitely put pineapple to the equation. The pineapple’s fresh and sweet taste pairs perfectly well with the banana in the batter. And what’s more, consuming pineapples is said to promote a healthy complexion and strong and shiny hair, and on top of it all, they can lower the risk of obesity.

Exotic Banana Bread Recipes

Now, let’s go through some actual recipes. Let’s say the Avocado Banana Bread with chocolate chips. The best part about this recipe is that the avocado can totally replace butter, which in turn, will make your banana bread healthier and you will be able to add in as many chocolate chips as you possibly want.

And while at the topic of chocolate chips, guess what else goes great with them in a banana bread batter? Cherries! The Chocolate Cherry Banana Bread is a great change of pace from your regular loaf. You can ditch the butter and replace it with Greek yogurt, add some vanilla and you will get the sweetest aroma ever!

The Curried Pineapple Banana Bread (Siamese Loaf) is definitely one that is worth your while. I mean, who would have thought that curry can even work well in a banana loaf recipe, let alone that it pairs so perfectly well with the pineapple. One of the most unlikely combinations, yet incredibly tasty and moist!

You can find all of the above-mentioned recipes on MyGreatRecipes, so instead of just sitting around and doing nothing, log in to a food website, find your favorite recipe and start preparing it!

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