Batman v Superman: What Does it Mean for Marvel

Batman v Superman: What Does it Mean for Marvel

Batman v Superman: What Does it Mean for Marvel?

Marvel Entertainment has for the past many years been the unquestioned and inaccessible supreme ruler of the superhero movie business. Even When DC Comics makes superhero movies, for example Batman, Marvel movies released the same year always trump DC at the box office and several other avenues of recognition.

Well, from the look of things, DC fans are brushing their teeth in anticipation for that long awaited last laugh. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes out March 25 and it is no doubt the most anticipated movie of the year. This is a big deal for DC comics as they are putting two of their greatest superheroes in the same movie. Not just that; this is the movie that could save DC Comics and give them that much needed vantage if they are to compete with Marvel.

The world is excited and eager for this. We all can’t wait to see the blockbusting action as the trailers have given us a hint of the sort astonishment we are in for. As if that’s not exciting enough, they will be unveiling Ben Affleck as the new dark knight of Gotham City, Bruce Wayne.

What does this mean for Marvel? The success of Dawn of Justice means that Marvel will have finally gotten a formidable opponent in the superhero movie business. The failure of Dawn of Justice means that Marvel is still king. However, Marvel is still on the defensive here as they will also be giving us Captain America: Civil War on May 6, which also stars two of their mightiest superheroes. Civil War pits Steve Rogers’ Captain America against Tony Stark’s Iron Man as the two also take their differences to the battle field.

It puts Marvel at the disadvantage when you remember that we’ve seen Captain America and Iron Man side by side twice so far, in Avengers Assemble and Avengers Age of Ultron. This denies the Marvel fans of the “it’s the first time this is happening” excitement that the DC fans are currently drowning in. The anticipation for Batman v Superman is as high as expectations go; fans from both sides are anxiously waiting to see whether DC will actually pull this off.

It is a battle for supremacy, a battle where both teams have placed their best cards on the table and are just waiting for whom lady luck will be smiling at once what’s under those cards has been revealed. DC has a lot to lose if this doesn’t go as planned. Marvel has a reputation on the line if Dawn of Justice sets records so high that two of their biggest superheroes together can’t match or beat. Batman v Superman means a lot for Marvel as it holds the mystic power to destroy or make Marvel’s future in superhero movie business. The battle plans have been drawn, the soldiers have been equipped, and now, we wait.

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