Beast Patrol and Gillian are a Bartender’s Favorite Bands

Beast Patrol and Gillian are a Bartender’s Favorite Bands

Beast Patrol and Gilliam are a Bartender's Favorite BandsPhoto Courtesy of Beast Patrol

Not everyone realizes it, but being a bartender at a concert can be pretty rough. Unlike a dance club or a reception, the focus is never fully on the server when music is blaring and all the patron wants is another drink and watch the band play on. It can be understandable when at huge venues like Central Park’s SummerStage or Prospect Park’s Bandshell, but an indoor performance is another matter.  Lucky for them, the bands that played at New York‘s Webster Hall last night (Hudson K, Gillian, goodbyemotel, and the headlining Beast Patrol) were mindful of the underappreciated and repeatedly instructed the audience to tip and thank bartenders. What nice guys! And they can play like hell too.

Kicking off the night was Knoxville natives Hudson K, who rocked out with some fancy synthesized sound. They were an interesting choice to open as their electronic genre seemed to break the night’s theme of Alt-rock and pop. Nevertheless, they rose to the occasion with some energetic songs that thrilled the gathering crowd. “I f—cking love you guys” the lead singer screamed. A member of the crowd roared instantly back “We love you too!”

It was a huge night for Brooklyn based Gillian, who debuted their self-titled EP just hours before taking stage. Their blend of Modest Mouse’s energy with The Cranberries calm created the perfect middle ground to nod one’s head to. Part of their greatest shtick was ordering the audience around, for telling them to dance at one song and even offering the order that every one had to buy a drink by the end of their set (again, nice people to the bartenders).

After them came Australian band goodbyemotel. The crowd, packed to the brim at this point of the night, swayed to the gentle tune of “Michael” and “Information”. The real excitement, predictably, came for their breakout hit “Set it Off”. With their thick Aussie accents, the wonders from down under got to the heart of everyone there. “They’re so cute” and “They’re so awesome” were heard quite a few times throughout the night.

Finally, at 10 PM the headlining act of Beast Patrol took the stage and they did not disappoint the packed concert hall. Beast Patrol spent most of the night playing off of their newest EP “Unarm Yourself”. The titular Unarm yourself was one of the biggest standout performances of the night, with many clapping hands and singing along to the tune. Beast Patrol was by far the edgiest band of the night, and that led to some energetic reactions. If The Clash ever took on a female lead singer, then they’d probably sound a lot like Beast Patrol.

At the end of the night the band thanked the audience and the bands before them who made this an incredible four hours of music.

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