Beastie Boys' Memoir Delayed by Two Years

Beastie Boys’ Memoir Delayed by Two Years

Courtesy of Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Courtesy of Kevin Mazur/WireImage

The Beastie Boys‘ untitled memoir that Adam Horovitz (Ad-Rock) and Michael Diamond (Mike D) have been working on since 2013, is being pushed back from this fall to some time in 2017. The book, which is meant to be “loosely structured as an oral history,” is being published by Spiegel and Grau, a Random House subsidiary, and is said to be edited by hip hop journalist and Ego-Trip co-founder, Sacha Jenkins. The memoir will be in similar style to the band’s Grand Royal magazine that was published from 1993-1997, with a mix of their voices, outside contributors, and images.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Horovitz said, “There’s no way it’s going to happen [before 2017]. I might get sued by saying this, but I’m just being realistic. I write a bunch of stuff and I send it to Mike, and Mike writes a bunch of stuff and he sends it to me. We just comment and have arguments on what we wrote. It’s more difficult to remember than it is emotionally. It’s fun. I’m remembering the fun things; not the depressing things. It’s going to be a weird book. [Publisher Spiegel & Grau] are giving us the freedom and leeway to do whatever we want.” Horovitz, who is set to appear alongside Ben Stiller in Noah Baumbach’s upcoming comedy-drama While We Were Young, has become “used to having other people [plan stuff] for me. I dont plan anything, so at some point, maybe I have to start doing that.”

Since Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch‘s 2012 death due to caner of the salivary gland at the age of forty-seven, the remaining members have been doing their best to keep busy. Horovitz scored movies such as Truth About Lies and co-wrote a song with producer Money Mark for Toronto’s Luminato Festival and Diamond’s release of “Humberto Vs the New Reactionaries.” He also produced for the band Portugal. The Man.

The two have been involved in a lawsuit with Monster Beverage Company. The lawsuit stated that the company’s use of DJ Z-Trip’s Beastie Boys megamix in a video of a snowboarding event they sponsor went against the terms of Yauch’s will. It stated that his likeness or art, including work done with the Beastie Boys, was not to be used for advertising purposes. Horovitz and Diamond are also involved in the documentary 808, which debuts on March 13th at SXSW. Other artists involved in the film are Phil Collins and Rick Rubin, among others.

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