Belle and Sebastian: 'The Party Line' Single Review

Belle and Sebastian: ‘The Party Line’ Single Review

Courtesy of bellesglasgow via YouTube

Courtesy of bellesglasgow via YouTube

What an unexpected twist. Glasgow’s indie-pop seven-piece, Belle and Sebastian, return this year with an unanticipated party anthem-esque single. “The Party Line” is the first single from their forthcoming 12-track albumGirls In Peacetime Want To Dance, to be released January 20th next year with Matador Records.

Drifting somewhat far from the delicate guitar sound found in their previous eight albums, Belle and Sebastian have found a new muse in funky disco synth-pop. We’re introduced to the track with a crescendo of pulsing synths at a perfectly jumpable beat, before the percussion snaps the anticipation. Singer Stuart Murdoch, in a Kylie-esque melody, seductively leads us the way to the party. Lyrics, “jump to the beat of the party line” buzz light-heartedly around your brain as you wonder, is this really Belle and Sebastian? It isn’t difficult to see how the lyrics are a lot less ‘art school’ and much more free-spirited and welcoming. Elements of electronic music have, of course, made appearances in many favourited Belle and Sebastian songs such as “Come On Sister” and “I Want The World To Stop,” but never so much as in this new single. “The Party Line” nourishes us with layered synths in that iconic, forever-uplifting Belle and Sebastian style.

Belle and Sebastian are set to tour the UK pretty much the whole of May 2015, starting with St. David’s Hall in Cardiff on May 3rd and hosting the grande finale will be Sound City in Liverpool on May 24th. It’s obvious that these seven Glaswegians will keep your feet floating across the floor for their entire set. 

If “The Party Line” is anything to go by, forthcoming album nine Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance will just be overflowing with groovy guitar riffs, hypnotic synthesisers, and irresistibly bursting with energy. Your disco playlists will be sorted. As for Belle and Sebastian fans, I just can’t say. It’s hard to say no when this single lures you in with it’s flirtatious melodies, contagious synth riffs and a temptingly-jumpable beat. You just can’t help but “jump to the beat of the party line.”

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