Belly Fat: 10 Ways to Lose It All

Belly Fat: Top 10 Ways to Lose It All

Belly Fat: Top 10 Ways to Lose It All

Belly fat is a menace that is suffered not only by fat people but also thin ones. It is this belly or visceral fat that surrounds our vital organs like heart, lungs, liver, etc which is more harmful than regular fat in other parts of the body. How to beat it? Read below for ten ways that will help you get rid of that annoying layer of fat.

Number Ten: Eat More Proteins

Approximately 25-30% of the calories in each gram of protein are burned in digestion as opposed to 6-8% in carbs. Thus, eating more protein can help lose that lard over your six pack.

Number Nine: Shop Wisely

While grocery shopping, read the ingredients list and skip foods that are high in fructose corn syrup. It is used to sweeten soda and baked goods. You will be surprised to know that its usage has increased by more than 350% in the US which is parallel to the increase in obesity.

Number Eight: Exercise Standing Up

Exercise while standing up rather than sitting down. Also, while lifting, do supersets alternating between sets of lower body and upper body exercises. This way, one part of your body rests while the other works. Then while on the elliptical trainer, let go of he handles and close your eyes. But be careful. Without any visual aid, your core muscles will work extra hard to balance your body and burn more calories.

Number Seven: Make Each Chore Count

Apart from the gym, try exercising at home and save up on the household expenses. Fire the gardener and do all the strenuous chores yourself. Mowing the lawn or weeding may help burn fat and condition your body.

Number Six: Use The Stairs Too!

While on the stairs, skip one out of every five. Next, take one large step to retrieve your normal walking pattern.

Number Five: Motivate Yourself

Rent out a movie every week that motivates you to exercise. Examples include Rocky, Hoosiers, Without Limits, etc. While watching the movie, snack on dill pickles. They contain only a single calorie per slice. Make them your regular snack replacing those chips and cookies.

Number Four:  Drink Green Tea Helps Lose Belly Fat

Green tea’s efficacy in weight loss is debated and more research is needed to confirm it. But some studies say that the caffeine, catechins and theanine in green tea help manage weight. They act as a gentle diuretic – they encourage kidneys to put more sodium (salt) into your urine which draws water from the circulatory system, thereby bringing down the ‘water weight’.

Number Three: Try the Elliptical Burner

Elliptical burner is a great source of cardio which helps build strong muscles and tones the stomach. Attach a TV in the front and time will fly by as you rid your body of that hated fat.

Number Two: Try Walking

Brisk walking helps tone stomach, hips and legs. Walking uphill or sprinting is a great cardio and fits very well in your daily life.

Number One: Dance Away!

Last but certainly not the least, dancing is a great way to lose weight. It targets your entire body and is a great stress buster too.

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