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The Benefits of CBD Oil as a Dietary Supplement

The Benefits of CBD Oil as a Dietary Supplement

The Benefits of CBD Oil as a Dietary Supplement

While dietary supplements fit into many different categories, CBD oil is in a class of its own. Not only is it known to promote healing and as a natural analgesic, but there are actually a number of other health-related benefits which have been scientifically proven under laboratory and clinical studies. That being said, the FDA has yet to recognize CBD oil as a dietary supplement, but there are many who feel that day is not long in the future.

Understanding the Role of the FDA

Before actually looking at the proven benefits of CBD oil as a dietary supplement, perhaps it would be good to understand why the FDA is not giving this amazing substance their stamp of approval. Even though some of the most widely renowned and highly esteemed medical universities, like Harvard Medical School, have proven scientifically that CBD oil, in fact, does have properties that can offer therapeutic as well as healing benefits, the federal government is still reluctant to give that almighty stamp on CBD oil products. Herein lies the real issue!

Any type of cannabis is still illegal on a federal level and although CBD is not the psychoactive compound in the plant and is legal for sale, there is that tension that needs to be resolved prior to accepting the validity of CBD research. That is to say, if the feds accept CBD oil as healing and restorative but because marijuana is not legal on a federal level, they are between a rock and a hard place in authenticating the validity of anything even remotely linked to medical marijuana. Perhaps you can call it a federal cat and mouse game at the highest levels.

Proven Health Related Benefits of CBD Oil

Now then, on to those benefits which have been studied at major teaching medical universities around the globe. From a health supplement perspective, CBD oil is able to treat so many conditions that if it were more widely recognized, Big Pharma might be put out of business! Here are just a few of the benefits that have been proven in lab study after lab study and in clinical studies as well. CBD oil works as:

  • An analgesic.
  • A digestive aid.
  • A sleep aid.
  • An antispasmodic.
  • An antianxiety supplement.
  • A cancer antagonist.

And those are just a few of the most widely studied benefits of CBD oil. While this amazing compound can also work as an antipsychotic, it is odd that it has no psychoactive properties! The truth is, if you have something that ails you, chances are good that some property or other in CBD oil may be of major benefit. From eating disorders to seizures, CBD oil has been found effective and although it doesn’t yet (yet being the operative word) have the stamp of approval by the FDA, that day is not long in the future.

From Harvard to the University of Madrid and world renowned universities and medical institutions like the Mayo Clinic, there is ample empirical evidence that CBD oil is a dietary supplement that should be at the head of the class.

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