Benjamin Scheuer & Escapist Papers - Cookie-tin Banjo (Official Music Video)

Benjamin Scheuer & Escapist Papers – Cookie-tin Banjo

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Benjamin Scheuer & Escapist Papers tell you exactly how they got so talented in this nostalgic music video for Cookie-tin Banjo. With some very well done animation, Scheuer is able to tell his story through the eyes of a child, imagining his father as some larger-than-life figure able to scale mountains and walk through rivers. As the video progresses, the father accomplishes physical feat after physical feat as an afterthought, establishing just how highly the singer thinks of his father.
Anyone who has even a slight talent for music will connect quite well with this video. This story is a fond tribute to Scheuer’s father, but also a celebration of any elder that takes the time give the gift of music to anyone younger. Passing along the tradition of music is one of the most vital duties a generation has. It goes without saying that FDRMX has benefitted greatly from the many wonderful people like Benjamin Scheuer’s father.

Song performed by Benjamin Scheuer & Escapist Papers
Words and music: Benjamin Scheuer
Director: Peter Baynton
Animation: Carlos de Faria, Peter Dodd, John O’Conner, Peter Baynton
Artworking: Beth Carson, Nefeli Petika, Tom Rourke
Compositing: Peter Baynton
Audio engineering and mixing: Pat Dillett
Additional audio engineering: Geoff Kraly
Audio mastering: Greg Calbi
Song producer: Geoff Kraly

Guitar and vocals: Benjamin Scheuer
Harpsichord: Jacob Sacks
Upright Bass: Eivind Opsvik
Additional vocals: Jean Rohe


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