The Best of Yesterday's #AskThicke Tweets

The Best of Yesterday’s #AskThicke Tweets


In case you missed it, Robin Thicke is not a well-liked person. More specific, he has been labeled misogynistic, creepy, out of touch, and just an all around embarrassment to music.

This week has been even less kind to him than usual. Not long after releasing an ill advised musical attempt to win back ex-wife Paula Patton, Thicke agreed to an even more ill-advised Twitter talk back session via VH1. Thicke kicked off the interview session with a confident tweet “I’m a big boy. I can handle it #AskThicke“. Little did he know he had released the army of trolls that is the internet. The Results were disastrous for Thicke and hilarious for everyone else. Here a few of the best entries from the day:

#askthicke is misogyny a learnt trait or baby is it in your nature – eve ‪@eviemacready

Robin Thicke is getting terrible abuse on the ‪#AskThicke hashtag.
Maybe If he’d dressed less provocative & stayed sober it wouldn’t happen? – Jim Sheridan ‪@Jim_Sheridan

How often should I delete my internet search history? You strike me as a good person to ask. ‪#AskThicke – Toby Whithouse ‪@hanniganspiteri

‪#AskThicke will Pharrell be writing the best bit of the answers for you? – Baz ‪@bazlyons

Are there any other Marvin Gaye songs you plan on ripping off? #AskThicke – Yancy Picklefeather@ticklefriends

The #askthicke hashtag is just an example of trolling done for the better good of mankind. – George-Ann

I kind of feel like we should stop picking on Robin Thicke using ‪#AskThicke, but then I remember we all know he wants it, so it’s all good. – Mary-Helen Clark ‪@ASHMHC

(Robin Thicke wanders into his social media office) So, how’s ‪#AskThicke going?
Intern (puffs out cheeks): Yeeah, pretty quiet, really.
Nick Pettigrew ‪@Nick_Pettigrew

And when did you decide that the Creepy PE Teacher look was the style for you? ‪#AskThicke – Scriblit ‪@Scriblit

‪#AskThicke do u gel ur hair with the grease from ur own personality – spideypool ‪@MycroftLuvzCake

And perhaps the truest one of all:
Will you be firing the person that persuaded you this was a good idea? ‪#AskThicke – Ed Phillips ‪@HopperFox


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