Betty Who: 'All of You' Music Video Review

Betty Who: ‘All of You’ Music Video Review

Courtesy of Betty Who via VEVO

Courtesy of Betty Who via VEVO

My favorite Aussie songstress just released a video for her single “All of You” off of her debut album Take Me When You Go. I’ve been a fan of this track since it was released back in 2013, so it’s nice to see some visuals for the explosive pop track. On the Peter Thomas-produced record, Betty Who sings about a crazy romance that has a fair share of good and bad moments, “Calling my name is a twisted game / cause it wears me down till I love you more / waking up to us making up makes it better than before. “All of You” is bursting with passionate lyrics and is the perfect example of why Who excels at song-writing. This track doesn’t need a music video to do it justice, but Who’s performance should definitely sell “All of You” to the people who aren’t a fan yet.

In the beginning of the clip, Betty Who can be seen arguing with her love interest, and honestly, Betty has never looked better. Maybe it’s her signature short blonde hair or the flannel making her look like a badass, but her look fits the theme of the visual, and I’m digging it. After a heated argument between the couple, Who ends up stranded on the side of the road. With very few options left to her disposal, Who decides to call in back-up. Some help from a loyal best friend transitions this bitter break up moment to a party store robbery and some sweet revenge on Who’s ex dude.

The theme of this video was completely unexpected and a nice change of pace from the typical stand-behind-a-green-screen-and-look-pretty music video. Like most music videos, there’s a small product placement for Sony, but it fits well with the storyline. Betty Who had a pretty good year in 2014, and I’m expecting to hear Who’s name a lot more this year. Music outlets and blogs are constantly mentioning Betty on “artists to watch” lists, so it’s only a matter of time before the public starts embracing the addictive quality of her catchy lyrics and dreamy pop records. I’m rooting for you Who!

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