Beyoncé: 'Crazy In Love' Single Review

Beyonce: ‘Crazy In Love’ Single Review

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As Fifty Shades of Grey grabbed the attention of people all over the world a year ago, the soundtrack has until now built a strong following of its own. The soundtrack’s song, “Crazy In Love,” is one of the favorites, especially because incredible songstress Beyoncé Knowles sings it. The upbeat music speaks to the frenzied feeling of being in love with its lyrics, its rhythmic beat, and its powerful, commanding singer.

Once again, Beyonce holds her position as the queen of pop as she belts lyrics in her strong voice. This song may not be as vocally challenging as some of her other famous singles, like her 2009 single “Sweet Dreams,” but Beyonce still manages to demonstrate her impressive range in the upper octaves. Our 34-year-old singer doesn’t need to work too hard to give her voice the confident, sultry tone the song needs.

We like the song, although the lyrics could have been a little bit more original. There is not a lot of depth or meaning to the lyrics, and we have heard about the feeling of being “crazy in love” from various other artists. But when Beyoncé sings, “Got me looking so crazy right now, your love,” we are drawn into the chorus. Only halfway through the song, and we could probably all sing the lyrics with her. Even though the lyrics aren’t as creative as they might have been, they certainly get the message across, and they are very catchy!

While Beyoncé’s voice was perfect for the fast-paced, wild rhythms of the Fifty Shades of Grey track, the song was a little similar to other popular dance tracks like Jennifer Lopez’s “Get Right.” The track’s repetitiveness didn’t take away from the exciting feeling of being “Crazy In Love”, though! From the fast beat to the hot chorus, Beyoncé’s song perfectly conveys the obsessive love that is reflected in the Fifty Shades of Grey story.

“Crazy In Love” has been available for purchase on iTunes since it first made the Top 100 Hits list in 2003. The song can also be purchased with the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, released last year. The soundtrack is made up of 16 songs featuring artists like The Weeknd, Sia and Ellie Goulding.

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