Beyonce Empties Bottle of Champagne into Hot Tub

Beyonce Empties Bottle of Champagne into Hot Tub

Beyonce is everybody’s favorite diva, but the one major caveat of being famous is that it also means her every single action gets scrutinized by the public. Even a seemingly trivial gesture like pouring a bottle of champagne into a hot tub, which she did in Nicki Minaj‘s recent “Feeling Myself” music video, can carry a lot of weight and meaning in the eyes of her fans and critics. Perhaps people are reading more into the act than is necessary, but at the same time, Beyonce is one of the most watched and admired female role models for girls in America today. Does that mean her fans should hold her to high standards of ethical comportment? Is there something grotesquely masturbatory, lavish and wasteful about emptying an allegedly $20,000 bottle of champagne into a hot tub in front of a rolling camera, while the rest of the country is stuck at their day jobs? These are the questions that have been raised on social media in response to the release of the music video.

The video in question is only available for viewing on Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z‘s music streaming website, Tidal. The clip was briefly leaked on Youtube, although this has now been removed. Additionally, it has been reported that Jay-Z owns the liquor company that produces and distributes this particular brand of champagne, Armand de Brignac, so it is possible that Beyonce did not even know how absurdly expensive the thing was. Although… surely she must have known.

Defenders of Beyonce’s careless yet over-the-top maneuver in the hot tub have pointed to her extensive work in charity as proof that she is not really all that out of touch with reality. At the time of the filming of the video, the Queen of Pop had recently returned from a philanthropic mission to Haiti. She is also alleged to have paid well over $10,000 to bail out Ferguson and Baltimore protesters after recent riots. Her team of publicists have yet to release a statement in response to the social media backlash of the champagne incident. The real question remains: should we really be looking to celebrities and professional party animals like Beyonce and Nicki Minaj as models of appropriate behavior, anyway? It is a loaded question, with no easy answer.

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