Big City Cowgirl: 'City Zipcode, Country Heart' EP Review

Big City Cowgirl: ‘City Zipcode, Country Heart’ Track-By-Track EP Review

Big City Cowgirl: ‘City Zipcode, Country Heart’ Track-By-Track EP Review

Sondra Toscano is no stranger to country. Better known as Big City Cowgirl, Toscano is exactly that; the Long Island native grew up in Brooklyn, but she was raised to love country music, thanks to her mother. Toscano recently released her first EP, titled City Zipcode, Country Heart. The EP is available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

The first song on the EP is titled “Lies in the Dark.” It starts off with a compelling riff, eventually transitioning into emotionally driven lyrics. “You told me that you loved me / you told me that we’d never be apart / you said you couldn’t live without me / but those are just lies in the dark” begins the song, with a rolling tune that supports her voice exceptionally well. The song is about a tumultuous relationship that has devolved into both parties ignoring their problems, which has lead to a life of “lies in the dark.”

The next song, titled “I Never Did, but I Do,” begins on a lighter note. This is Toscano revealing her fun side. The song is extremely catchy, and her voice carries the melody with ease. This song would fit perfectly as the soundtrack in any bar.

Next up is “Electric,” which is a slower ballad that holds the listener’s interest. The song begins, “Remember a time when everything seemed perfect / it seems we’ve lost the magic / I want to recapture what we used to have / it’s mostly memories in our attic.” The song continues on a sad note, with Toscano reminiscing about how her relationship used to be “electric,” but the spark is gone. Her delivery is gentle but strong, creating a nice contrast and capturing the true essence of good country music.

The penultimate song is called “High Road.” This song is by far the one that features Toscano’s voice at its purest. It begins with her singing over just an acoustic guitar, and her voice continues to be the focus throughout the song. The lyrics are not exceptionally creative and involve several puns about Toscano not being good with “traffic” but taking the “high road.” However, the song itself thrives in its simplicity, and it is an easy listen that you won’t be able to help but turn up when it comes on the radio.

Finally, Toscano finishes on a strong note with “Country Music in My Heart.” It starts off with “Country music had me at yeehaw / nothing like rhythm played on acoustic guitar / makes me wanna dance / taught me ’bout heartache and romance / country music had me at yeehaw.” The song continues, repeating the “Country music had me at…” line at the beginning of every verse. Its fast pace makes it an excellent candidate for a single, so it’s no surprise to see that this is her most popular song on Spotify.

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