Big Freedia and Chromeo Shake Up the SummerStage

Big Freedia and Chromeo Shake Up the SummerStage

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All kinds of grooving went down in Central Park tonight. With names like Big Freedia and Chromeo taking the stage, the crowd was left with no other option but to shake off the week and dance. I had been looking forward to our interview with opening act Big Freedia, “Queen of Bounce,” and was disappointed when some unexpected timing issues made it impossible for her (he prefers female pronouns when performing) to chat before the show. But I got very lucky after her performance – which, it should be noted here, was absolutely electric in terms of twerking and bouncing. As I was easing out of the VIP area to grab a Coke, we literally ran right into each other. I was thrilled to chat with her for a few moments about her new LP, Da Idol. Although she doesn’t have a release date for us yet, she said there is a lot of good stuff in the works. Then we talked about hair and fashion until Chromeo performed. She’s awesome.

The audience was completely revved up after Big Freedia’s performance, and began chanting Chromeo’s customary intro to coax them onstage. A huge swell of voices droned “Chrom-eee-oh, Chrom-EEE-oh,” just like the guards in The Wizard of Oz. A rush of strobe lights, a roar from the crowd, and the electro-funk/disco duo began to jam.

Chromeo’s funky, feel-good setlist included: Intro, I Can’t Tell You Why, Hot Mess, Somethingood, Tenderoni, Come Alive, Sexy Socialite, Mama’s Boy, Over Your Shoulder, Frequent Flier, Fancy Footwork, Jealous. Encore: Old 45s, Don’t Turn the Lights On, Needy Girl

With friends on shoulders and plastic cups held high, the whole crowd seemed to collectively throw up their hands and sway. A rumor about free beer somewhere had gotten everyone a little tipsy in search of it, and the dancing turned very Woodstock as they enjoyed the good vibes. Chromeo’s glossy, retro jams poured out like gumballs from a machine, and every beat sparkled into the cool night air.

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