Big and Rich Celebrate Ten Years with 'Gravity'

Big and Rich Celebrate Ten Years with ‘Gravity’

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Big & Rich are back – on their own terms too, after a successful ten year stint with Warner Bros. Their upcoming fifth studio album, Gravity, the first to be released under their own self-titled label, will be out on Tuesday, September 23rd. The country duo just put out a new music video for “Look At You,” the current hit single at Number 20 on the Hot Country Songs chart, just two days ago as well, which features some rather fine looking people hitting it off in Las Vegas. That’s not all either folks, as Big Kenny Alphin tells Billboard,  “A lot has opened up over the past year that has been really mind-blowing.” John Rich agrees completely, saying that, “hitting that [ten years] make makes you grateful that people have stuck with you that long and still want to hear what you’re doing. That’s a big deal, and we don’t take it lightly.”

The music video for “Look At You,” was released on Thursday, September 19th, and Big & Rich alerted fans to it’s arrival via Twitter and Facebook, announcing that, “Our new video is part 1 of a 4 video quadrilogy from songs off our new record #GRAVITY. More to come! Watch the whole video here.” The shots of Hollywood-pretty people having a blast in Las Vegas are interspersed with shots of Big & Rich performing the song to an audience, possibly even at a Las Vegas venue. Although the dialogue between the actors is a little scripted and tawdry, they get the point of the song across (love at first sight, as soon as you see those “baby blues”). The early success of the single is due to the duo’s efforts under their own label, Big & Rich Records, which they started as a result of Warner Bros. Nashville’s schedule not allowing for Gravity to be released until 2015 at the earliest. Looking to find a way to get the music out there, they decided to strike out on their own and do it themselves.

Working independently (albeit together) seems to be going well so far for the two of them. Gravity was worked on by artists such as Tim McGraw, Frankie Ballard, Gerry House, Eric Paslay, and Shannon Lawson in collaboration with Big & Rich, with songs being written over the course of only three or four months. One joint effort, “Lovin’ Lately” written with Tim McGraw, will soon be released as the follow up to “Look At You.” As for the new album’s title, Big Kenny Alphin explains that the title came about as a result of the way the two are feeling after ten years of music success. “In the new album, there’s an opening line to one of the songs that says, ‘Gravity keeps our feet on the ground / It’s something that you can’t get around.’ We’re at that place in our career where we feel that there is this amazing gravity that is taking us where we continue to go, no matter what.”

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There is a NYC release party in works, which will be held at Brooklyn Bowl, where fans will receive a free copy of Gravity with their ticket. Also in preparation for the album’s release on Tuesday, Pandora streamed the entire album for previewing this past Tuesday, a week in advance. Preorder the album here and get four instant gratification songs. Keep up with Big & Rich and find out about the Gravity release party on their website.

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