Big Zaki - Hawmet Ezghaba (Official Music Video)

Big Zaki – Hawmet Ezghaba

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Hailing from Alergia, Big Zaki raps a rant in his music video for “Hawmet Ezghaba.” Shot primarily inside of a bombed out building, Big Zaki raps directly into the camera lense, his passion clear in his determined eyes. About a minute into the video, the camera pulls away from him to focus on a TV he is sitting on. The scene on the screen shows Big Zaki himself, pouring gasoline over his head, falling to his knees preparing to strike a light before two Noh-masked and hoodied strangers prevent him from self-destructing. He screams at them to no avail; they don’t listen and his hollering is in vain. In the ruined building, whose walls are covered in graffiti, whose roof and windows are missing, whose floors are made of rubble, dirt, and grass, Big Zaki continues to rap animatedly, hands gesturing every which way, his face contorted in confident attitude.

Beat: Let Go-Riddle Production
Studio: La Base Production
Mixed by: Fada Vex
Assistant: Nassim Nedjar/Mahdi Lecheheb
Director/Editor/Colorist: Walid Benyahia
Production: Khorda Films


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