Birdpen - Nature Regulate (Official Music Video)

Birdpen – Nature Regulate

UK-based indie band Birdpen’s video for “Nature Regulate” uses 3D animation to bring the song’s dark, haunting lyrics and overtones to life. This dimly lit video is unconventionally chilling, placing characters that are otherwise suited for a much lighter context in unsettling, unfortunate circumstances. At times, the visual interpretation of the lyrics is rather literal; as the lyrics “The beast runs wild in this town / The place I live has fallen down” are sung, a giant, snarling monster is shown pillaging a burning village. However, at other times, the imagery is far more subtle, and this is highlighted at the start of the video, where the song’s beginning lyrics of “This is one I thought today, as I lay and looking up / The thoughts of my past went deep, with the sharks that wait for me” are accompanied by a scene in which a fox glides (rather eerily) on his back along the forest floor. To find out how this grim visual journey ends, click play.

BirdPen: “Nature Regulate” Taken from the Album “Global Lows”
Written by Dave Pen and Mike Bird.
Story, Director, Animation, Illustration & Backgrounds: Pooya Abbasian
Illustration, Character Design, 3D character Modeling: Farshid Monfared
3D Animation, 3D Object Modeling, Post Production: Faraz Abbasi
Produced by Jim Spencer and BirdPen.
Recorded at Eve Studios, Stockport, Greater Manchester.
Mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios.
Released in France under exclusive license to Last Exit Records.
Released in Benelux under exclusive license to Green l.f.ant Music
© BirdPen 2013…
Released in France by Last Exit
Released in Benelux by Green l.f.ant

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