Sine by Bites (Official Music Video)

Bites – Sine

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In this video for “Sine” by Bites, subtle design elements make a ghastly setting just the right dosage of weird. There are a lot of unnerving components to this video, but they pull it off beautifully, and without pushing it over the edge. The music coolly propels us into an extremely strange school where professors pop pills, schoolgirls carry pet rats in lunch box-shaped cages, and prickly porcupines protrude from cafeteria lunches (talk about mystery meat). We won’t give away the plot, but there is much more experimenting than educating going on behind closed doors here, with plenty of wicked moments to send a shiver up your spine. The song itself is surprisingly chill, which contrasts nicely with the sinister atmosphere. As strange as it all may seem, the uniform gray-blue color spectrum helps keep the weirdness at bay, and the style of the video is so spooky-good it’s hard not to get into it.

Starring: Francisco Marto, Kelsey Lu, Lesley Rotonto
Featured: Fryd Frydendahl, Steph Brown, Kate Barnaby, Priscilla Bouillon, Jade Fusco, Ruby Brunton, Emily Andrews, Sarah Gibson, Irene Discos, Brienne Welsh, Nene, Cammy Simpson, Cam Ballantyne
Director / DP: Maria-Ines Manchego
Producer: Jenya Hamidi
Associate Producer: Micah Ross
Art Director: Akin Mckenzie
Set Dresser: Lucas Green, Harrison Atkins, Jade Fusco
Production Assistants: Marguerite Gaster, Charmaine Bee , Osvaldo Andreaus, Dan Ward
Camera Assistants: Marcos Herrera, DJ Carroll
2nd Unit DP: Ben Carey
Assistant Directors: Shern Sharma & Ian Lynch
Post Production: Jordan Lister, Elais Saliba , Leon Woods , Nick Crist
Stylist: Briar Vivian
Hair Stylist: Tyson Kennedy
Gaffer: Cory Lonas & Danny April
Steadycam: Michael Hauer
Film set photographer: Diego Sierralta
Art Assistance: Brian Kaczmarczyk, Peter Ash,
Music Performers: Kelsey Lu & Joseph Munro
Assistance: David Gaddie, Nick Carew & Angela Bowen
Special Thanks to: Liberty Science Center, Scheimpflug, Afterparty & The Colony, Reptile Deli
Music: Bites
Editor: Maria Ines Manchego

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