Bizzle - Dear Hip-Hop (Official Music Video)

Bizzle – Dear Hip-Hop

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Bizzle’s music video for “Dear Hip-Hop” is shot entirely in stark black and white, showing Bizzle himself standing in front of a graffitied wall, rapping the story behind the song’s origins. The song is a letter to a certain teacher or surrogate parent, namely the hip-hop culture, addressing all of the negative lessons hip-hop often carries and conveys to young kids who grow up trying to exemplify what they grew up hearing. The shots of Bizzle rapping switch between shots of a young man acting out Bizzle’s story. Walking alone down a neighborhood street, the young man comes across a boom box. Lifting it up, he presses play, unsure of what will come out of the speakers. It’s the hip-hop beat of Bizzle’s song and intrigued, the young man keeps the boom box on his shoulder and continues walking. He encounters all kinds of situations that are common themes in hip-hop and rap music, from carrying a concealed weapon, to joining a gang, to ditching his woman and more. Halfway through the song Bizzle turns it around, and narrates all the positive things his own parents instilled in him.

Written and Performed by Bizzle
Produced By Boi-1da
Directed By Eshon Burgundy 


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