Bjork Refuses to Put 'Vulnicura' on Spotify

Bjork Refuses to Put ‘Vulnicura’ on Spotify

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Bjork revealed her new album Vulnicura will not be featured on Spotify, or any other music streaming service. Bjork was force to drop the album as an unexpected release, after it was leaked online last month. The singer said she didn’t have a master plan for the Vulnicura release, but she felt putting it on Spotify wasn’t the proper way to promote it. During an interview with Fast Company magazine, Bjork explained that it is insane to put years of work into a project and then give it away for free. “It’s not about the money, it is about respect. Respect for the craft and the amount of work you put into it,” the singer told Fast Company. Bjork offered the industry a way to make streaming fair for artists and songwriters. She suggested using a system similar to Netflix, for which consumers can purchase the physical album and stream it later.

Bjork is one of several artists who refuse to put their music on Spotify. Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, Led Zeppelin, and AC/DC, have all stood their ground in regards to streaming their music for free. Brooks launched his own music streaming service called GhostTunes, which is an alternative to Spotify, iTunes, and other streaming services. Swift has removed all of her music from Spotify, and her latest album 1989, is only available online through iTunes. Spotify is currently in a huge battle with BMG over music publishing rights. BMG is one of the largest publishers in the music business, and they represent tons of songwriters.

While music streaming has been criticized by artists, songwriters, and music publishers, not everyone is against music streaming. Avicii‘s manager, Ash Pournouri, defended music streaming services in a column he submitted to Billboard magazine. Pournouri stated that he always viewed Spotify as a music partner and not a just a streaming service. The manager also said that before they released Avicii’s True album, the DJ was most-known in the US for his club records and touring. Pournouri implemented Spotify in their marketing scheme, in order to properly promote Avicii’s project. The idea of utilizing Spotify helped take Avicii’s career to the next level, and he is one of the most-known DJs in the world. The EDM DJ recently signed a Las Vegas residency at The Wynn resort.

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