Black Books - Favorite Place (Official Music Video)

Black Books – Favorite Place

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Black Books made their music video for “Favorite Place” with stop-motion, featuring a rainbow collection of colored thread. The vibrant spools of thread flash before the camera as strategic lighting illuminates the many shades. Intricately embroidered pillows are visible for a few seconds at a time, while millions of spools of thread are arranged into patterns and shot from different camera angles, so that they appear to be dancing with Black Books’ music. After the intro, we see not only spools of thread and thread on needles, but also excerpts from the lyrics sewn in various “handwriting” styles on pieces of cloth. Pins line themselves up on a cushions, thread threads itself through the eyes of needles, a tangled mass of multi-colored thread wiggles itself under a spotlight. Even some buttons join in on the fun. The differing speeds of the stop-motion shots captivate, especially as smoke is infused into the thread towards the end of the video.

Directed, filmed, and produced by Christophe Thockler
(P) & (C) Black Books under exclusive License to Believe Recordings

EP ‘Aquarena’:

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