Black English - What's Your Name (Official Music Video)

Black English – What’s Your Name

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In the gray light of early morning, Black English’s music video for “What’s Your Name,” begins as a smooth one-take shot of a city intersection, into the upstairs of a house, where a young man and a young woman are asleep in bed. The man is awake almost instantly though, and we follow him as he quickly and quietly leaves the house, crosses the street, uses a public restroom and heads into a classic diner. His expression is one of someone who is just waking up, but when he sits at the diner counter with a mug of coffee in his hand, his face contorts and his eyes brim with tears. No flashback memories appear though, to clarify exactly what he’s thinking about to cause such sadness. Instead, we follow him back outside, and up the steps of home other than the one he woke up in that morning. He hesitates a moment before he slowly enters apartment number three alone. The vibe of the video is that feeling of being between asleep and awake – hazy and thoughtful.

Directed by Ryan Reichenfeld
Production Co – Cavier
Exec Producer – Matt Paley
DP – Ryan Carmody
Special thanks to Ryan & Sara at White Iris


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