Blake Lively: Top 6 Cutest Moments With Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively: Top 6 Cutest Moments With Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively: Top 6 Cutest Moments With Ryan Reynolds

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, you have definitely witnessed the cuteness that is Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ relationship. After dating for only a year, these lovebirds tied the knot and the world became a much cuter place because of it. Here are the top six cutest moments between Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Number Six: When Ryan Reynolds Risked Jail Time To Smuggle Blake Lively Canadian Pies

Blake Lively is obsessed with food, as can be seen by her numerous Instagram posts featuring her favorite foods. Hubby Ryan Reynolds even risked jail time by smuggling her favorite apple pies across the border from Canada to keep his foodie wife happy. You can’t get much cuter than that.

Number Five: They Constantly Talk About Having A Big Family And Just Started Their Own

Having both come from large families, these two lovebirds aren’t shy about wanting a big brood of their own. Blake Lively recently gave birth to the couple’s first child and the two seemingly can’t wait to have another!

Number Four: Pretty Much Every Red Carpet Moment Ever

The cuteness never stops when this beautiful couple hits any red carpet event. Ryan can’t take his eyes off Blake and Blake can’t stop smiling. They look lovingly into each other’s eyes. You get the picture. It’s the stuff fairytales are made of.

Number Three: The Adorable Moments They Share Even While The World Is Watching

Remember when Blake Lively was pregnant and glowing in that stunning yellow gown? I know I do, as does Ryan since the two were whispering and sharing intimate moments the whole night. Hundreds of paparazzi and press photographers were there? These two probably had no idea because when they’re together they only focus on creating moments between the two of them.

Number Two: The Entire Green Lantern Movie

Who doesn’t love a movie where the two main stars actually fell in love on set? Watching this movie is like getting to watch the too-beautiful-for-their-own-good couple fall in love for the very first time. It really is movie magic.

Number One: When Blake Gifted Ryan A Felt Deadpool Action Figure For Christmas

Blake had a custom-made felt Deadpool character holding a chimichanga while riding a unicorn that’s dressed in ass-less, leather chaps. Nothing is cuter than inside jokes and unique Christmas presents for your S.O. Well done, Blake. That’s all the cutest moments we’ve seen so far from this adorable couple. Here’s to the even more adorable moments yet to come.

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