Bleeding Knees Club - Teenage Girls (Official Music Video)

Bleeding Knees Club – Teenage Girls

The imagery for “Teenage Girls” by Bleeding Knees Club is perfectly befitting of the title; it showcases teenage girls, how they act, and what shenanigans they get into. For example, we start off with a terribly messy room and sunlight streaming in the window – clearly it is in the afternoon, and yet there is a girl laying in bed sleeping, something teenagers are known for. There is food everywhere, empty wrappers and cans on dressers and counters – she eventually gets up, throwing things around the room looking for clothes to put on. Cut to another girl trying to use an apple as a bong and succeeding at it with her little dog next to her, breathing in the smoke and laughing as she blows it out. From photographs hanging on the walls to making funny faces at friends and writing in journals, this video really does encompass the stereotypical lives of “Teenage Girls”.

Directed By: Alan Ortiz


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