Blink 182: Top 6 Most Underrated Singles

Blink 182: Top 6 Most Underrated Singles

Blink 182: Top 6 Most Underrated Singles
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Blink 182 has released six albums over their nearly 25-year music career. The pop-punk band made up of bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus, drummer Travis Barker and former guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge hit it big in 1999 with their third album, Enema of the State, anchored by massive hits “What’s My Age Again” and “All the Small Things.” While these songs, along with fan favorites such as “Dammit” and “Man Overboard” have been huge singles for the band, they have also released many other singles that are just as worthy of attention. Here are six of Blink 182’s most underrated singles and why you should take another listen.

Number Six: Adam’s Song

While not a slouch, this song always gets eclipsed by Enema of the State’s two other massive hit singles, “What’s My Age Again” and “All the Small Things.” But this song is so good in its own right. It deals with some serious issues, painting a vivid picture of just what it is like to feel like you have nothing in your life worth coming home to. The way Mark Hoppus tells this story in the first person just adds to the personal feel of the song. Furthermore, the way his lyrics twist at the end to give a slight glimmer of hope is the perfect ending to what is mostly a very dark song.

Number Five: I Miss You

This song is so different from anything Blink 182 has done before, and it works. Mark Hoppus’ voice fits perfectly with that first verse, at the same time being both haunting and nostalgic. Again, the imagery in the lyrics is vivid and really makes you feel the “pain” they are feeling not with their significant other. Not to mention that the line “Don’t waste your time on me/ You’re Already/ The voice inside my head” is probably one of the most memorable lines in any Blink 182 song.

Number Four: Wishing Well

Blink 182’s sound on “Wishing Well” harkens back to some of their earlier work while maintaining their progress into more mature themes. Usually, an upbeat song about wishing wells and shooting stars might seem a bit cliché, but here it works. The melody of the song is so pop-y and upbeat that you don’t notice that Tom DeLonge’s lyrics are actually about feeling helpless. “Wishing Well” is a very well-put together pop-punk song.

Number Three: After Midnight

Blink 182 has a history of very tongue-in-cheek love songs. But “After Midnight” a more mature side to their sound and what a love song should sound like. There’s a sense of hope and light in the song’s soaring melody that really makes it emotive and, dare I say, happy.

Number Two: Stay Together for the Kids

“Stay Together for the Kids” is probably one of Blink 182’s heaviest songs, both lyrically and musically. Written by Tom DeLonge about his parents’ divorce, the lyrics come at such a situation from the child’s perspective. The instrumentation is just as heavy as the subject matter, with a lot of bass and chugging guitars. It’s as if the whole song is screaming.

Number One: One of Blink 182’s Best – Not Now

“Not Now” is one of Blink 182’s most impactful songs. The lyrics evoke a powerful image of someone on their death bed with their loved one by their side. Using the minor tones of the pipe organ mixed with minor-key guitar riffs, this song really tugs at your heartstrings. Thank you for reading our list of Blink 182’s most underrated singles. We hope you enjoyed it!

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