Blood Orange Headlines at SummerStage NYC in Central Park

Blood Orange Headlines at SummerStage NYC

Blood Orange Body

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SummerStage NYC presented quite a show in Central Park today. Hosted by Don Will with okayplayer, which was celebrating it’s 15th anniversary, SummerStage14 saw quite a large crowd show up to see three soul artists. Opening with Sean Nicholas Savage, the crowd was already packing in tight as people laid out blankets, unpacked picnics, bought beer, wine and ice cream from the vendors and settled in for the concert. Sean Nicholas Savage began with sounds of rain, trickling in and leading to a waterfall of pear-shaped vocal notes. Accompanied by three other gents on E-drums, synth and guitar, the opening act set the mood playing songs from his album “Bermuda Waterfall.”  Moses Sumney followed, first shushing, the audience saying, “Everybody come with me,” before singing through his three-headed microphone contraption. His bag of tricks included a harmonizer pedal, a loop pedal, and auto tune, creating a sound similar to Bon Iver. Later the crowd responded with love. “Aw, I love you too! Nobody ever loved me before…” Sumney answered.

Headlining tonight was Blood Orange, who got the crowd dancing with songs from his albums “Cupid Deluxe” and “Coastal Grooves” played by his seven (sometimes eight) piece backing band. Our boy in blue was sporting a orthopedic splint boot for his leg injured at Lollapalooza earlier this summer. Although all three artists had expressed how grateful and stoked they were to be there (“This is insane!” “This is crazy, I can’t get over it.” “This is my first time playing here, and it’s awesome!”), in the latter half of the set, after dedicating “Chosen” to Michael Brown and two others, Devontè Hynes had to have a say about what’s been happening recently in the world. “I hate what’s happening in Ferguson right now. F–k Ferguson. F–k Lollapalooza. I hate this f–cking police state we’re living in – not New York, I mean the world. I’m going after Lollapalooza and I’m going to f–cking destroy them.” Really, he explained, that he just wanted to dance and couldn’t because of the pain in his leg, ostensibly caused by he and his girlfriend being attacked by a security guard at Lollapalooza in retaliation for Hynes speaking out against racism and police brutality. The outburst was tempered by the crowd, who cheered in support and then immediately got back down to business dancing as soon as Blood Orange began the next jam.

Blood Orange setlist:
1. Champagne Coast
2. Dinner
3. Hold On We’re Going Home (Drake cover)
4. You’re Not Good Enough
5. Bad Girls
6. It Is What It Is
7. Clipped On
8. High Street (featuring Skepta)
9. On the Line
10. Chosen
11. Sutphin Boulevard
12. Always Let You Down
13. No Right Thing
14. Uncle ACE
15. Time Will Tell

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