Bloodgroup - Fall (Official Music Video)

Bloodgroup – Fall

“Fall” by Bloodgroup has an upbeat sound for a saddening video about hungry children. The video opens to a young girl sitting on what seems to be a self-made throne. She has on an eye-catching headpiece with a key around her neck. She proceeds to toss the key — the source of her superiority — over the balcony and into the pit of hungry children. The children smile with happiness as the girl tosses them the key that will unlock their supply of food and end their under. It is easy to the totalitarianism that this young girl has over the other children; thankfully, she gives up her thrown for the sake of the other children, who have eaten themselves into a deep sleep by the end of the video. It is questionable why she gives up her power and allow the other children to eat. Sitting on a thrown while everyone else starves and dislikes you can make a person lonely and self-loathing. One might ask themselves if the girl gave up the power for herself or for the other children — but who knows.

Record Label: SUGARCANE
Directed by Eilifur Thrastarson for SNARK:
Co-director / Assistant director: Alex Brown

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