Bloomingdale's: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 2)

Bloomingdale’s: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Bloomingdale's: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 2)

We already brought you part one of our list of 15 things you probably did not know about Bloomingdale’s, and now we’re back with part two! Check out eight more fascinating facts about the luxury retailer that you definitely (probably) did not know below. You might be surprised by what you find out!

Number Eight: It Once Sold Pet Rocks. Pet rocks were a huge fad in the 1970s, and so Bloomingdale’s hopped on the train. The retailer sold pet rocks to consumers who were crazy enough to buy them.

Number Seven: It Coined “Retailing as Theater.” The retailer became known in the 1960s and 1970s for its theatrical displays and promotions. Because of that, it became known for inventing the process of “retailing as theater” that so many department stores practice today.

Number Six: It’s Where Many Designers Opened Their First In-Store Boutiques. Designers such as Yves St. Laurent, Calvin Klein, Thierry Mugler, and Claude Montana all opened their first in-store boutiques at Bloomingdale’s!

Number Five: Underwear Is Responsible for Their Tourist Attraction Status. Today, many first-time visitors to New York insist on checking out the retailer. However, what many people don’t know is that it all began with underwear! Bloomingdale’s first began printing their iconic “Bloomie’s” logo on women’s underwear, and soon after it became popular to own anything with the logo on it.

Number Four: It Pioneered the Department Store. Department stores – or places where people go to buy many things, not just one type of clothing – were not a “thing” until Bloomingdale’s opened their East Side Bazaar in 1872. It was the bazaar that would go on to influence other vendors to sell several kinds of items.

Number Three: Shoplifters Are Given Two Choices. If a shopper is caught stealing at a Bloomingdale’s location, he or she is given two options. The thief can either wait until police are called to settle the matter or they can pay a fine of $320 and take a class.

Number Two: It Has One of Manhattan’s Last Remaining Sky Bridges. The retailer has a sky bridge on 60th street that, while no longer in use, still exists and is one of the last remaining bridges of its kind in all of Manhattan.

Number One: It’s Not a Relic. Many people believe that since Bloomingdale’s is so old, it’s probably out of date and isn’t worth shopping at anymore. However, the retailer has done an amazing job of staying up to date with the latest styles and has recently expanded internationally to appeal to more people than ever. We hope you enjoyed our list of 15 things you didn’t know about Bloomingdale’s!

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