Blue Nile - Birth of Venus (Official Music Video)

Blue Nile – Birth of Venus

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Blue Nile is the stage name of Jessee Egan, newcomer to the Brooklyn ambient/esoteric electronica scene. Her latest music video, called “Birth of Venus,” employs a simple visual concept in a beautiful way. The track itself begins with a soft, ethereal melody, as if plucked from harp strings, which slowly gets overcome by the waves and layers of a more heady soundscape. Visually in the video, we see incandescent drawings of crustaceans and other primordial creatures belly-dancing slowly against a dark background. Fish appear, and then lizards, dinosaurs, apes, and finally, men. Tribal, woody rhythms creep in to the texture of the music and build in complexity, but the music retains a kind of weightless, underwater quality. A dancer appears on the screen, dressed all in black so that we can only see the luminous metallic disks that decorate her face, breasts, belly, and shoulders in a primitive pattern. She turns this way and that, and slowly begins to flex her muscles. The whole thing is well-conceived and well-executed. Even at its climax the music feels dreamlike, shrouded in a delicious, pre-sentient fog. It’s a great brain massage. “Birth of Venus” is the title track from Egan’s debut album, Birth of Venus, which she released earlier this year on the Tokyo-based dub/ambient label, AY.

Check out the rest of the album on her Soundcloud.

Directed by: Jessee Egan
Filmed by: Monet Lucki
Assistants: Dustin Ersek-Mull, Ian Pugh & Alex Ashmun
Costumes/Makeup: Jessee Egan
Dancers: Sophie Kuller & Alexandra Schott

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