The Blues: Top Ten Blues Albums of All Time

The Blues: Top Ten Blues Albums of All Time

The Blues: Top Ten Blues Albums of All Time

Blues, a musical genre born out of sorrow. The guitar style itself began in the early 1900s, but it continues on in modern day both in its basic form and also as a major influence for guitarists of every type. Here are the top best blues albums ever made.

Number Ten: Jimi Hendrix- Blues 1994

This album was obviously made after the guitarist’s death. It features eleven amazing songs, including some previously unreleased masterpieces.

Number Nine: B.B. King- Live at the Regal 1965

If you’re into this style of rock, you already knew we were going to include B.B. King on this list. Recorded at a theater in Chicago, this album was an instant, timeless classic.

Number Eight: Robert Johnson- King of the Delta Blues Singers 1961

This is a compilation by the widely popular Mr. Johnson. This is one of the most popular releases the genre has ever seen!

Number Seven: Eric Clapton and John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers- Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton 1966

This work of art was released by London records. Some say it was Clapton’s first full-on blues album, and possesses elements of something called “Chicago blues.”

Number Six: Robert Johnson- The Complete Recordings 1990

So great is the talent of Robert Johnson that he appears again on our list. This album is mainly comprised of a brand of rock branded “Delta.”

Number Five: Buddy Guy and Junior Wells’ Chicago Blues Band- Hoodoo Blues 1965

This was the debut album for Junior Wells, a superb harmonica player and vocalist. He got a chance to play with a Grammy winning artist, Buddy Guy.

Number Four: The Blues Classic, Rory Gallagher- Irish Tour ’74 1974

This is a compilation album. It is comprised of live recordings by the artist Rory Gallagher and showcases his great guitar skills.

Number Three: Howlin’ Wolf- Moanin in the Moonlight 1959

This was the debut album for this American singer. A Chicago guitar style classic, this record was produced by Chess Records.

Number Two: B.B. King- Live in Cook County Jail 1971

This album has elements of soul to it, and was actually recorded inside of a jail. It’s true.

Number One: Paul Butterfield- The Paul Butterfield Blues Band 1965

Released by Elektra records, this masterpiece combines elements of electric rock and Chicago style guitar work. We hope you enjoyed our list and found some new listening material.

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