Blur Premieres Magic Whip Album Documentary

Blur Premieres Magic Whip Album Documentary

Blur just unveiled The Magic Whip: Made in Hong Kong documentary online. The short film shows the band recording their new album, and it also features exclusive interviews. After a twelve-year hiatus, Blur released The Magic Whip last week, and the project entered the UK Albums chart at the Number 1 spot. The project features the singles “Go Out,” “There Are Too Many,” and “Lonesome Street.” Along with its Number 1 spot on the UK chart, the album also reached the top of the charts in Scotland and Ireland.

Alex James (bassist) said the band had to work out a few issues before they decided to reunite for their new album. “There came a point around 2003 where we all needed to go off and do our own things and be other people, rather than being this four-headed monster,” James told the Irish Independent. He added,”I wouldn’t call it animosity, but there was a little bit of ill feeling. We needed time out and to reconcile.” The bass player said the band’s relationship is similar to a marriage, and the time apart proved to be a helpful remedy. “We needed our downtime, but in many ways, nothing has changed too much in twenty-seven years. The crucial difference is that doing all this now is such a complete and utter joy,” James said.

The Magic Whip is the band’s eighth studio album. Blur’s other studio albums include Leisure, Modern Life Is Rubbish, Parklife, The Great Escape, Blur, 13, and Think Tank. The Great Escape was the band’s fourth album, and it peaked at Number 1 in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It features the singles “Country House,” “The Universal,” “Stereotypes,” “Charmless Man,” and “It Could Be You.” The band received their first Number 1 song on the UK Singles chart with their “Country House” song. Think Tank was released in 2003, and it also impacted the UK Albums chart at the Number 1 position. The album’s Number 56 ranking on the Billboard 200 was Blur’s highest charting album in the United States. Think Tank was led by the singles “Out of Time,” “Crazy Beat,” and “Good Song.”

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