Blur's Bassist Has High Praise for Taylor Swift

Blur’s Bassist Has High Praise for Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift may be the most liked person amongst her music industry peers, after the singer went up against Apple Music and walked away victorious. Swift recently penned a letter to Apple Music that “called out” the music streaming company’s decision not to pay artists, songwriters, and producers during their three-month free trial period for the general public. A day after the singer’s open letter made its rounds on the Internet, Apple Music executives suddenly had a change of heart, and they decided to compensate the rightful music parties during their free trial. Apple’s Tim Cue stated Swift’s message was heard loud and clear, “We hear you @TaylorSwift13 and indie artists.”

Blur‘s Alex James is also drinking the “Taylor Swift Kool Aid.” After he was asked if he believes Blur would be as popular if they were starting their career today, the bassist stated, “A big one’s still a big one in the world like Taylor Swift is bigger than The Beatles. She’s bigger than anyone ever if you’ve got little girls you can’t resist The Swift. They’re great tunes, she’s smoking hot, what’s not to like?”

Blur is currently on tour, and they are continuing to add dates to their 2015 trek. Their upcoming shows include June 20th in London, England; July 22nd in Hong Kong, China; July 25th in Sydney, Australia; July 26th in Byron Bay, Australia; July 28th in Melbourne, Australia; July 28th in Melbourne, Australia; July 30th in Perth, Australia; September 4th through the 6th in Laois, Ireland; October 11th in Buenos Aires, Argentina; October 20th in Los Angeles, California; and October 23rd in New York, New York.

In the spring of this year, Blur dropped The Magic Whip album, which is the band’s eighth studio album. It features the singles “Go Out,” “There Are Too Many of Us,” “Lonesome Street,” and “Ong Ong.” The Magic Whip peaked at Number 1 in Scotland, the UK, and Ireland. It also reached Number 24 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart. The band’s other albums include Leisure (1991), Modern Life Is Rubbish (1993), Parklife (1994), The Great Escape(1995), Blur (1997), 13 (1999), and Think Tank (2003).

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